Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another Sexy Moment....

 #MySexySaturday Week 63

This weeks #MySexySaturday, #MSS63 edition is all about Another Sexy Moment! After reading the topic for this week's blog hop, I instantly knew which scene to share. Well actually, Declan freaking insisted that this particular sexy moment was for Lizbeth to recall, and she told me....this one was a great one.

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"Adorable," he growled. Bending, he once again lightly touched his lips to mine and stepped back. A few more taps on the screen of my phone, he waited a few seconds for the corresponding ring from his jeans pocket, more taps on the screen, he locked it and handed it back to me.

"You have any issues with you, the kids, the car, you call me. Anything at all, yeah?" His grey eyes held mine captive, and all I could do was nod.

Once again, Declan leaned into me and I felt the cold metal of the Escalade at my back. "I'll call you tomorrow morning and let you know about your POS. Be at the garage by lunch tomorrow, we'll head over to the dealership and get you set up." His right hand slipped around my neck, gripping my hair and pulling me flush against him. Taking a deep breath through his nose, Declan's eyes heated more and his entire body tensed.

"Fuck you smell good." I felt that growled on my lips, since they crushed down on mine the second he muttered them. It wasn't a gentle touch like before. It was rough, bruising and beautiful. His scent, woodsy and all man assailed me, his taste when my lips parted on a gasp, addictive. His tongue swept in and his left arm snaked around my waist to lift me tighter to him, his other hand slowly slid down my neck, collarbone, over the crest of my cleavage, to the side and cupped the under swell of my breast and squeezed. I groaned into his mouth, moved both arms around his neck and slid my fingers into his silky black hair, gripping tight. His tongue and mouth continued to lay claim to mine, and I was breathless by the time he lifted his head.

"Like I said, love. We're definitely exploring this." He punctuated his statement by rubbing his thumb across my nipple through my sweater. I shivered and his hand tightened.
"Call, no matter what, yeah?"

Letting me go and stepping back, Declan reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out the key ring Dade had given him earlier and turned, walking towards an all chrome and leather Harley at the sidewalk. Swinging his leg over the seat, he started it and grabbed the helmet. Pulling it over his head and strapping it into place, I watched as he grabbed the handles, turned the front wheel and rumbled down the street.

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