Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birthday Month!!!

Right, so I'm fully aware of the fact that today is September 30th. Therefore, technically, my birthday month is pretty much over. It's noon, so I've only got twelve more hours to celebrate. And this is the big one. Over the Hill, Farting Dust, all those wonderful terms for those of us lasting to the ripe ol' age of 40.

So I've decided to share the joy with everyone and changed the price of Declan on Amazon and Smashwords, woohoo!!!

It's on sale for 99c, so stop on over and get a HOT book at a HOT price!!!

Also, keep your eyes peeled, cause I'm currently in the process of writing Sophie, Book 2, and will be posting little snippets so everyone can fall in love with Jonathan and Sophie, just like I am.

In addition, Book 3 is already poppin' in my head!! Lucy and Jason are wanting their story, Survival, to be written right on the heels of Sophie!!! You briefly met Lucy in Declan, but Jason will be introduced to you in Sophie and Jonathan's story. Both Lucy and Jason have seen their fair share of heartache in their lives, but can they get past all that to see what could possibly be their future, if they just learn to trust again?

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