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The Ryan's Sneak Peak Part 4

  Survival, The Ryan's #3

Jason and Lucy's Story

Welcome back to my Sunday Sneak Peak's into The Ryan's!!  For this week's final installment, it's time to finally introduce you to Jason Briggs. And as promised, he is lush and broody and has totally one hundred percent focused his predatory gaze on the wounded bird that is Lucy.

As you saw in the very first installment with Lucy's introduction, she's had an extremely difficult time in her life recently. There are many more issues that are revealed as their story progresses that lead Lucy to believe she isn't worthy of a good man. And that they can never be trusted anyway. But Jason refuses to believe in anything other than complete success.

Now, I have to warn you, first and foremost, this preview is definitely for adults only. My books are Erotic Romance, and normally I only give a hint of the sexiness that burns between my characters in my blogposts. But this little snippet of goodness is seriously the only thing that Jason would let me share with you. He's such a fucking tease. And a little bit of a control freak, which means that this week's sneak peak is from Lucy's POV instead of his. He insisted on you knowing exactly how Lucy felt when in his arms.

So join me in this, the last little snippet of goodness that is the Ryan Clan and Friends. Until the next amazing tale in the lives of this incredible family.

Remembering the utter dominance in Jason’s expression as he pulled me into the dimly lit room, slamming the door behind us, I felt my clit swelling in response to the mental stimulus and a trickle of fluid eased the rubbing of my finger.

Adding a sharp pinch to my nipple as the hot water continued to slide over my already heated body, my thoughts drifted back to that night. Jason had released my hand the minute he had me inside the study, closing the door behind him and locking it with a distinct clicking sound. His dark brown eyes held a gold glow from the soft light emanating out of the little desk lamp, and tension lined his gorgeous face. His black as night hair held a slight curl that seemed to irritate him more often than not, which made me wonder why he didn’t just cut it. But I knew I’d be broken hearted if he did. ‘Cause I wanted just one opportunity to run my hands through the silky mass. Knowing it would be thick, lush, and oh so velvety. 

Kind of like another part of Jason’s anatomy I’d like to have intimate knowledge of. And it wasn’t like I wasn’t old enough to have some fun. I’d turned eighteen a month before the party, was graduating in three weeks, and he was only two years older than me. So when he started towards me with an extremely determined look on his face, I’d almost fainted. This was my fantasy. Come to real fucking life! 

Before I knew what was happening, Jason’s hands were gripping my hips, he was lifting me, and my legs were swinging around his and gripping for dear life, while my arms wrapped around his neck, and Yes! My fingers took the opportunity to slide into the silky coolness of Jason’s thick black locks, gripping tight and pulling slightly. The groan that rumbled from his chest echoed up and down my torso since he held us so closely, and I held on even tighter as I felt almost weightless for a few seconds. 

When my ass hit a hard surface and the light dimly accenting the way of our elicit tryst wobbled slightly, I realized Jason had decided on the desk for our chosen playground. Oh, hell. When his hands slid down my tight jean skirt and along my outer thighs, I whimpered just before his mouth took mine in a searing kiss. One that burned me all the way to my soul. His tongue invaded my mouth like a starved man for food. The hands holding my ass spasmed and his hips thrust forward, shoving the proof of his desire against my panty covered clit, hot and hard.

I groaned, my fingers slipping easily and quickly through the wetness caused by my remembering of that night, my muscles twitching in impending release as the hot water from the shower continued to run over my body. 

Leaning back from me, Jason’s eyes had burned brighter than before, the lines of tension in his face sexier than hell. His lips, that had been so soft yet so demanding just seconds before, were tensed in a harsh line, his jaw clenched in response.

“I shouldn’t be doin’ this, Lulu,” he said roughly. Jason paused to take a tortured breath. “We shouldn’t be doin’ this.” The harshness of his voice, the tension in his muscles as he held me against him, made a lie of his words.


Using my new found knowledge of the power I held over this sensual, amazing, hot man, I tightened my arms around his shoulders, and slid my lips along his jaw to his ear.

“Don’t think. Please, Jason. For once, don’t think.” I bit the lobe of his ear softly, then licked it in a sensually blatant apology.

His arms tightened around me before letting go. My heart broke into a thousand pieces before I realized he’d only released me so his hands could glide down to push my skirt the rest of the way up my hips. Feeling my panties being slipped down my legs, I let my death grip on Jason’s hair go and leaned back slowly, using all the athletic ability afforded me my youth, till my arms hung over the opposite side of the desk. Clasping my hands together and letting them fall down, my back naturally arched, causing my small breasts to thrust up. Straight towards Jason’s hot mouth. And he definitely didn’t waste the opportunity, leaning down and biting my straining nipple through the layers of bra and shirt standing in his way.

Before I knew what was happening, Jason had lifted my shirt over my head, twisting it over and around my wrists, looking deep into my eyes and somehow conveying his desire for me to not move. Nodding in silent acknowledgement, I watched as his eyes turned a velvety brown, the gold flecks in the middle sparking like they were lit from within.

“My sweet Lulu. I always imagined you like this. Helpless to the pleasure I could give you.” His deep voice grated over my body like thousands of tantalizing fingers, causing shivers to course along my arms and legs. Sensing it, Jason’s eyes glowed even brighter, and his gorgeous lips twisted in a dark grin. 

“The thought of being tied for my pleasure, and yours, turns you on, doesn’t it, a chroĆ­?” Hearing Jason call me his heart in the midst of our passionate encounter definitely had me pausing in my heated revelry.

Before I could assimilate the feelings of a caramel skinned Irishman, and Spanish looking man speaking dark sexy Gaelic to me, Jason’s talented fingers found their way between my thighs. Manipulating me with ease, I instantly tensed when he slowly circled a finger at my entrance.

“Relax, Lulu. Look at me.” The command in his voice had my legs twitching around his hips, causing his lips to spread in a wicked grin. Leaning down, Jason licked my nipple through the lace of my bra. 

“Have you had anything to drink tonight?”

“No, Jason.” I paused, looking deeply into his chocolate brown eyes. “I was waiting for you.”
Understanding instantly exactly what I was saying to him, the hand gripping my hair pulled tighter, and the finger circling me below jerked enough to penetrate about an inch. Enough to prove my claim true to Jason. His eyes darkened even further, the amber flecks surrounding his pupils sparking with possession.

I really hope that you've enjoyed these Sneak Peak's into the next two books in the Ryan Family Series, this one my WIP, Survival.

Although I was hoping for an early summer release for Sophie, unfortunately the reality of having the worst luck of any Irishwoman ever, that particular desire has been pushed back a bit. But don't despair, my beautiful readers! There is an end in sight, and it's coming quicker than you'd think.......
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The Ryan's Sneak Peak Part 3

  Sophie, The Ryan's Book #2

Jonathan and Sophie's Story

Welcome back to my Sunday Sneak Peak's into The Ryan's!! This week is another excerpt from Sophie, The Ryan's Book #2. It's been so much fun writing up these little posts for you all, because I feel like I've been selfishly hoarding every awesome character from you all for months now. That's awful of me, and as a writer, I want you all to love them as much as I do. To drool over them like I do. And to love every second you're immersed in their lives.

So far, Sophie herself has been the hardest character for me to write, since she had to become so distant and unemotional. But at the same time, I felt the deepest affinity with her for the pain of her loss. Seeing, hearing and watching Sophie as a young woman falling in love, and witnessing the trauma she suffered losing Jonathan, being lost for so many years emotionally after that, has been a definite roller coaster for me. But I have loved every minute of the ride her and Jonathan have taken me on so far.

So join me as a young Sophie's thoughts drift to the man of her dreams....

Chapter 3

Christmas Eve

Fiona’s Pub

“Chin up, Soph. He said he’d be here, he’ll be here.” I looked over at Conor, who was watching me intently as he and Brandon stood by the pool table. “And aren’t Mr. and Mrs. O’Shea comin’ with him?” Conor asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be here soon,” Brandon interjected.

Thinking back over the last month and a half, it was still hard to believe that Jonathan finally noticed me. Or woke up, as he said. Everything was the same, only better. I never thought to believe in the possibility of there ever being a Jonathan and me, let alone that both our families would support it.

But support it they did.

Even Jonathan’s dad seemed to like the idea of his son together and I together, and actually appeared to be looking at him with something akin to wonder and pride. Emotions that I’d never seen reflected in his eyes or on his face regarding Jonathan before.

It seemed that overnight we became the talk of the entire school; right along side the whispers about Declan and Lilly. It was a little weird, no doubt about it, hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend, that boyfriend being my older brother. But it also seemed totally natural. Sitting together at lunch, waiting for them after practice, doing our homework together, it was all the same, but different. Better.

Perfect, actually.

And now the whole family was at the Pub, our annual tradition of Christmas Eve dinner in full swing. My parents had both come to America with our grandparents when they were teenagers, so they had no family close by when they were first starting out. But they’d both lived the majority of their formidable years in Ireland with extended relatives surrounding them, constantly. So Pop’s parents had decided that they would open their home to anyone that didn’t have family, creating one with others like them. And when Dec, Conor and Brandon and I were little, they started the tradition of Christmas Eve dinner at the Pub, so all the patrons and friends there would feel like a family. A very eclectic family, for sure.

“Paul’s lookin’ a little down, tonight.”

Looking over my shoulder, my breath caught in my throat at the sight of Jonathan standing behind me, leaning against the pool table where Conor and Brandon had been just a minute ago, eyes trained to the bar where Paul was sitting. How in the world did I my miss my loud and rowdy brothers leaving, and how the heck did I not feel Jonathan move in so close to me? Trying not to look like I was choking on my own saliva at the physical proof of what he made me feel, I swiveled my head to the right, taking in one of my Pop’s regular customers.

“Yeah. It’s a tough time for him, you know? His brother is back in Ireland and his parents both passed away earlier this year in a car accident. If we didn’t do this every year, he wouldn’t have anywhere to go. And nobody should be alone at the holidays.”

“And that’s it right there, Phee.” Standing up straight, Jonathan reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a long rectangular black velvet box. “One of the million reasons why I never wanna lose you, why I look forward to every day waking up and seeing your breathtaking eyes and beautiful soul.” Looking down at the box he held in his hands, I could see a slight tremble as he opened it and raised it up so I could see better.

“I didn’t wanna say anything till I knew for sure. I talked to my recruiter and for the last week he’s been trying to extend my leave date for boot camp a couple of weeks. You know, so we could have a little time, over the summer, before I leave and you start your senior year.” Jonathan paused, an unknown look crossing his face as he finished talking, and I looked down as he started removing a delicate gold chain with a dainty gold heart locket. “I had your Ma help with the first picture. It’s from Homecoming. Our first date.”

Jonathan undid the clasp and stepped closer to me, a breath away.

“Lift your hair, Phee.” Looking up into his crystalline green eyes I shivered as I lifted my hair off my neck, his fingers brushing my skin lightly before securing the clasp, then slowly the fingers of one hand followed the length of the chain, and reaching the locket from it’s resting place at the top of my cleavage, they closed around it, lifting and opening it. I watched as his hand slowly turned it, showing me the picture of the two us all decked out at Homecoming. “The other side I wanna be for our wedding photo. Or our first kid. Whichever you want, Phee. But I want you to know, and really understand, what this means to me.”

Looking up into Jonathan’s face, seeing the resolute determination, unfaltering dedication and burning desire radiating from his eyes, my breath halted in my throat. Everything that I had felt, everything that I had ever hoped for and dreamed of, spoken to me by Jonathan.

“I wasn’t able to get an extension on my leaving, so I’ll still be heading out with Dec and Rick the week after graduation.” So that was the expression on his face that I couldn’t read earlier. I must have jerked in his arms, because he paused and looked deep in my eyes before continuing. “And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come home for Christmas next year. So I wanted to make sure you know that you’re mine. And I will be coming home for you, Phee. And when I do-”

I reached my hand up and placed my index finger over his lips.

“I know, Jonathan. And I’ll be here. Waiting for you to come home. Always.”

I really hope you enjoyed the next in line of my Sneak Peak's, this one my WIP, Sophie. It might seem strange, like she's a whole different character from when she was first introduced in Declan, but that's who she evolved into. So stay tuned for a release date, which I'm shooting for Autumn 2015 (maybe September, sort of a Happy Birthday To Me! kinda thing?), where you can see that evolution for yourself.

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