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Sexy Me Up...

#MySexySaturday Week 83

Welcome to the 83rd week of My Sexy Saturday, where an amazing host of erotic and romance authors of all genres come together every Saturday to share some seriously sexy snippets. Here you'll find either 7 words, 7 sentences of 7 paragraphs that will set your computer on fire. And hopefully your imagination, too!

This week, the amazing #MSSAuthors of My Sexy Saturday will be sharing their versions of Sexy Me Up! What does that mean to you? Finally being noticed by the sex god of your hottest fantasies? Being made to feel sexier than you thought possible after a horrible breakup? Knowing that for once you deserve to feel sexy or loved, and going after what you really want? 

There are so many possibilities for this theme, you can be sure to read a little bit of everything. Just make sure to follow the Linky List link below so you can read all the additions from the other great authors participating this week!

So, I read and re-read the theme and it's explanation for this week, over and over and over again. For some reason, I just couldn't think of how any of my characters, scenes or interactions fit in any way. And that really bummed me out. Thinking I wouldn't be sharing with all you amazing readers. But in one of my signature spur of the writing moment, well, moments, I was listening to the radio with my hubby on the way to Sunday breakfast and bloody mary's, when a song came on the radio that inspired the scene you get to read below.

This incredibly sexy snippet is from my WIP, Survival, Book 3 in the Ryan's Series. If you've been keeping up with my blog, then you know that my freaky crazy brain has decided to write two books at the same time. Although it definitely helps that the story lines are somewhat intermingled. So, please, sit back, or lay down. You know, for comforts sake. And enjoy seven steamy paragraphs giving you a teensy glimpse at the hotness that is Jason Briggs.

Leaning back from me, Jason’s eyes had burned brighter than before, the lines of tension in his face sexier than hell. His lips, that had been so soft yet demanding just seconds before, were tensed in a harsh line, his jaw clenched in response.

“I shouldn’t be doin’ this, Lulu,” he said roughly. Jason paused to take a tortured breath. “We shouldn’t be doin’ this.” The harshness of his voice, the tension in his muscles as he held me against him, made a lie of his words. Absolutely.

Using my new found knowledge of the power I held over this sensual, amazing, hot man, I tightened my arms around his shoulders, and slid my lips along his jaw to his ear.

“Don’t think. Please, Jason. For once, don’t think.” I bit the lobe of his ear, softly, then licked it in blatant apology. 

His arms tightened around me before letting go. My heart broke into a thousand pieces before I realized he’d only released me so his hands could glide down to push my skirt the rest of the way up my hips. Feeling my panties being slipped down my legs, I let my death grip on Jason’s hair go and leaned back slowly, using all the athletic ability afforded me my youth, till my arms hung over the opposite side of the desk. Clasping my hands together and letting them fall down, my back naturally arched, causing my small breasts to thrust up. Straight towards Jason’s hot mouth. And he definitely didn’t waste the opportunity, leaning down and biting my straining nipple through the layers of bra and shirt standing in his way.

Before I knew what was happening, Jason had lifted my shirt over my head, twisting it over and around my wrists, looking deep into my eyes and somehow conveying his desire for me to not move. Nodding in silent acknowledgement, I watched as his eyes turned a velvety brown, the gold flecks in the middle sparking like they were lit from within.

“My sweet Lulu. I always imagined you like this. Helpless to the pleasure I could give you.” His deep voice grated over my body like thousands of tantalizing fingers, causing shivers to course along my arms and legs. Sensing it, Jason’s eyes glowed even brighter, and his gorgeous lips twisted in a dark grin. “The thought of being tied for my pleasure, and yours, turns you on, doesn’t it, a chroi?" Hearing Jason call me his heart in the midst of our passionate encounter, definitely had me pausing in my heated revelry. 


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and reading my addition to the #MySexySaturday Blog Hop!! See you next week, and remember to click the link below, or go to My Sexy Saturday for all the other amazing authors who are participating!

And if you missed last week's edition, you might have missed the latest news.... In the coming weeks, I'll be starting a four week series of Sneak Peeks, a little closer, more in depth look at each of the main characters in my two upcoming books in The Ryan's Series. Book 2, Sophie and Book 3, Survival. So keep checking back every week or subscribe so you don't miss anything.

And remember to visit every Saturday, 'cause the same time next week I'll be here for My Sexy Saturday week 84. You never know which character, from which story will be taking you on your next SEXY journey!

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