Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Sexy Date Night

 #MySexySaturday Week 66 #MSS66

This weeks #MySexySaturday, #MSS66 edition, is all about a Sexy Date Night! What's your idea of a Sexy Date Night? Time at home alone, with your lover? A night out at a favorite restaurant with wine and candlelight? Or an opportunity to really get to know that one person you feel could be everything for you?

This week I decided to give you all a sneak peek into the minds and hearts of Jonathan and Sophie, the H and h of book two in my series, #TheRyan's by #TiffanyLeeAuth. This is a WIP, so remember, everybody's a little bit raw....

"Dance with me, Phee.” Jonathan rounded my chair, grabbed both my hands and lifted me up, just as the strains to "How 'Bout Us" by Champaign started softly playing over the gym’s sound system.
“I thought you were getting us drinks, Jonathan.” I smiled up at him as he took me in his arms and started swaying with me to the song. He was so handsome in his black suit and charcoal gray tie; his green eyes so incredibly intense.
“We’ll get something to drink after this song,” he responded. His eyes fairly smoldered as he continued to stare at me, but when he spoke again it was like he was talking to himself. “Like I just woke up.”
“Just woke up? What in the heck are you talking about, Jonathan?” He was really starting to freak me out. “Did you and Declan spike your punch or something?”
He just looked at me, drawing me slightly closer and lifting up one hand to cup my cheek. We ended up staying that way for most of the song, slowly turning together, swaying to the sweet strains drifting over the sound system and staring into each others’ eyes; completely ignorant of the other dancers around us. Really listening to the words of the song had me almost tripping in my heels.
Made for each other?  Love one another for life? Through all kinds of weather? How 'bout us? How 'bout us, baby....Can we?
“I watched you three weeks ago at the Rally, and I didn’t like that there were other guys doin’ the same.” I started to give him some caveman comment in response, but he stopped me. “No, Soph. Listen. Yeah baby?”

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and reading my addition to this weeks #MySexySaturday Blog Hop!! See you next week, and remember to click the link below or go to My Sexy Saturday for all the other great authors who are participating!

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  1. A dancer and a talker? I'll take him.

  2. What girl doesn't love a guy who who will take her dancing :)

  3. Nice snippet! Thanks for sharing with My Sexy Saturday.