Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Sexy Morning...

 #MySexySaturday Week 72

What's the best feeling when waking up in the morning? The heat of your lover snuggled against your back, rubbing your cheek on their chest and feeling the hairs tickle your nose, the gentle prodding of aroused flesh between your legs, scraping fingers over your sleepy nipples?

Those are all very good ways to wake up don't you think? Well in this week's #MySexySaturday #MSS72, the #MSSAuthors are going to be sharing their favorite Sexy Morning moments shared between their characters. So don't forget to click on the Linky List Link at the end of Declan and Lizbeth's first morning shared in each others arms.

But first, here's a little peek at the burgeoning relationship between Declan and Lizbeth in my debut novel, #DeclanTheRyans. And see below for links to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and to purchase this amazingly steamy book at your favorite retailer.

Opening my eyes the next morning to the sun shining brightly across my face, I looked straight out and through the floor to ceiling, stained glass windows that took up the entire eastern facing wall. It was a breathtaking ménage of deep red, purple and black swirls that created the most intricate Celtic design I’d ever seen.
I vaguely remembered spying it last night when Declan had led me into his room, but seeing it in the full glory of the rising sun, the sparkling vision before me absolutely took my breath away.
Realizing that the heat surrounding me wasn’t just from the beauty laid out in front of me, calmed me even more.
I felt the tickle of chest hair on my back. The warmth of Declan’s arm wrapping around my waist and up, palm engulfing my breast. Puffs of warm air fanned across my forehead with each slow and deep breath he took in sleep. The steely hardness of his thigh pressed up and between my spread and cocked thighs. The coarse feel of the hair on his leg chafing the sensitive bare skin of my pussy.
Either feeling me shudder while trying to draw in a breath, or hearing my choking sob, Declan woke. I could instantly tell that he’d awakened as his arm curled tighter around and me pulled me even closer, if that was possible. His other arm that was up and around the top of my head, the hand resting just above my line of sight, twitched.
Sliding that arm down and under my head he turned my face toward him, while his hand gripping my breast slid down to my hip and completed my turn so I was pressed chest to chest with Decadent Declan.
Oh, holy crap!

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  1. That was sweet and sexy. Declan owns the scene without saying a word.

  2. Wow...very nice...I love morning afters. Thanks for sharing that wonderful excerpt. What a great debut book!